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Bass, Bluefish, Porgies, Fluke...

Captain Steve customizes all his tackle to suit the needs of the 
conditions and species sought after. Top of the line tackle is provided,
along with a smörgåsbord of bait for those finicky biting fish.
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From 1973-1978 I worked on The F/V “Krista Karen”, based out of Stockholm Sweden, Long Lining for Cod, Pollock & Haddock, three months of each year, Captained by Lars Erik Andersson. The 110’ vessel had a crew of 10 men and women. This is where I earned my sea time experience of piloting, navigation, watch and fishing skills. I saw 35’ swells in the North Atlantic storms… heavy stuff.

Besides fishing, I have also worked as an Ocean Beach Lifeguard in Far Rockaway and Jones’ Beaches. I saved many lives during that 12 year period. It also gave me the chance to study ocean currents, waves on heavy days, as well as slick, calm days. These and weather influences greatly enhanced my fishing skills. Having use of a lifeguard dory, I got to fish on every break-time. 
In 1985, I swam 22 miles for Multiple Sclerosis, from Sandy Hook, NJ, to 116 Streets in Far Rockaway.

I moved to Port Washington in 1988. There, I plied my trade in Manhasset Bay, fishing ten hours a day on the Town Dock for Blues, Bass and Flounder. I’ve fished Manhasset Bay for 20 years prior to moving there.
​Capt. S. Laura Fallon
In 1990, I bought an 18’ lifeguard dory. I used it to crew a 2 man, 50 mile row from Port Jefferson to Port Washington to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis, in memory of Laura Collins.

In 1992, I purchased a 23’ center console fishing vessel and named it “The Swedish Princess”. I chose the name because of my ancestry of Swedish decent, with Viking bloodlines, and the influential experience fishing in Stockholm, Sweden.
About the Captain...
I was born in Manhattan, NY and raised on Long Island. At the age of 3, I caught my first fish, an eel over three feet long on Kissina Lake. That fish was taller than I was. That experience opened the flood gates to my obsession with fishing.

From that point to age 10, I was pulling on local party boats in Brooklyn, “The Betty W”. Capt. Alvin Coley mentored me in the art of Blue-fishing “top water” style. I also pulled on “The Helen H” and “The Calvin B”, all from Sheepshead Bay. Soon after, fishing in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. At the age of 20, I pin-hooked on the Freeport based boat “The Star Stream” for Blues and Codfish and helped Mate on “The Viking Star” in the 80’s night Blue-fishing trips.
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